OpenTrackA letter from Ben Phillips
Founder & CEO

In 2012, I received a call from a client looking to insure his Ferrari on-track at a private driving club. He knew his auto policy excluded on-track driving but wanted to buy a new policy to cover his investment in the car. After dozens of calls and hours of research I realized there wasn’t a solution for him. The only options I found were limited to $150,000 of coverage and only applied to specific “sanctioned” events.

I became obsessed. My business partner Jerod Blakestad and I set out to know everything about track days, private driving clubs, high performance driving education (HPDE) and the entire culture of tracking. What we found completely blew us away. Tracking was not just a hobby, it was a lifestyle. People in this world were beyond passionate for it and it made me even more interested in finding a solution. Underwriters however, heard “race track” and “high valued cars,” and instantly decided it was too risky. That’s when Jerod and I set out to build something on our own.

Our success since that day is primarily due to you, the tracking community. Your support was very unexpected... people typically hear the word insurance and start looking for someone else to talk to. This was instantly different though, once people saw we were trying help them find financial protection they opened doors for us.

You still continue to give us our best ideas and we are grateful for the constant feedback. You continue to push us to build on what we know is very rare in the insurance industry, a product that feels like it was made for the driver, not the insurance company.

Proof of our member driven culture is the launch of our two newest product offerings. On-Demand Physical Damage and the first ever Personal Track Liability policy.

Please continue to reach out to us with any ideas on how we can continue to grow the track world.

See you at the track!

Ben Phillips

Meet the OpenTrack CrewWe are obsessed with redefining your HPDE and track day insurance experience.

Ben Phillips, OpenTrack Founder & CEO

Ben Phillips

Founder & CEO 843-324-9599
Jerod Blakestad, OpenTrack Co-Founder

Jerod Blakestad

Co-Founder 843-801-2788
Sue Rieschl, OpenTrack Operations Director

Sue Rieschl

Operations Director 612-424-8772
Lauren Nordvold, OpenTrack Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Nordvold

Marketing Coordinator

The Guys Behind the WheelTake your driving to the next level with an OpenTrack Driver Coach.

Kai Goddard

Kai Goddard

Pro Driver, Driver Coach 602-460-7081 Learn More
Andy Lee

Andy Lee

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