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OpenTrack answers your most commonly asked questions.
Will OpenTrack cover me for competitive events?
No. OpenTrack covers non-competition track time only. Competitive events, warm-up laps, and wheel-to-wheel racing are not covered under our physical damage or liability policies. 
Are professional driver coaches and instructors covered?
Yes. Instructors are covered under our physical damage policy while they are instructing drivers listed on the policy.
Does OpenTrack offer liability coverage?
Yes. OpenTrack is the only track insurance provider to offer drivers individual track liability coverage for both property damage and bodily injury.
Does liability coverage follow the car or the driver?
OpenTrack's liability policy follows you, the driver, regardless of which vehicle you drive on track. Our quoting system requires you to enter one vehicle to get a quote, but that vehicle does not appear on the policy. Coverage follows the driver.
What does your liability policy cover, and what limits are available?

OpenTrack's liability coverage protects you if you harm someone else or their property—including track property. We offer $1M or $2M coverage on both daily and annual products.

Why are Ferraris ineligible for coverage?
The high volume of Ferrari claims and the corresponding costs associated with those claims created profitability issues several years in a row.
Can a driver insure a vehicle they do not own?

No. OpenTrack requires that the primary driver/policyholder have an insurable interest in the vehicle being insured. Our policy-rates are not accurate for other scenarios.


For vehicle-owners who are renting their vehicles to drivers (i.e. Arrive-and-Drive), OpenTrack may be able to offer tailored coverage in our Annual Unlimited program. Additional underwriting and unique pricing would be necessary. Please reach out to discuss further at 612-601-1034.

What happens if I change my vehicle(s) in the middle of my policy term?

There is no charge for exchanging vehicles of equal or lesser value during the policy term. If you add a vehicle with a higher value than your current highest-valued vehicle, we simply pro-rate the increased premium due for the remaining months of the policy term and charge $150 per year (plus taxes and fees) for each additional vehicle.

Are OpenTrack's underwriters financially sound?

Physical Damage & Liability policies are underwritten by Texas Insurance Company, a member of North American Casualty Group, "A" rated (Excellent) by AmBest

Does OpenTrack cover international tracks and events?

OpenTrack annual members enjoy automatic coverage at 110+ tracks across the United States and Canada. Visit our covered tracks page to see if your track is eligible for coverage.

What should I do if I have additional questions before purchasing?

Check out our live chat feature by clicking here.


Track day insurance coverage for drivers, their vehicles, and their actions. Get less risk and more rush with OpenTrack.
Can I review sample policies?
Follow these links to view samples of our physical damage and track liability policies.
How will I receive my policy documents?
Policy documents will be available to view or download on your account dashboard. Digital copies will also be emailed to you after purchase.
Can I change my coverage mid-term?

Yes, you have the flexibility to access and modify your policy details through your account dashboard at any time.


It’s important to be aware that making adjustments that result in increased coverage, such as raising coverage limits or adding vehicles, will require payment for the additional premium.


Reducing coverage will not lead to a refund or a reduction in your monthly payment obligation.

How do I add or remove a vehicle?

Visit your account dashboard to make changes to your fleet. Vehicles may be added for $150 each (plus taxes and fees). If the vehicle being added exceeds the value of the highest-value car on the policy, you must pay the difference in premium. Removing a vehicle will not result in returned premium.

How do I change my contact information?

You can edit your contact details directly on your account dashboard.

How do I renew my annual policy?
Our team will contact you approximately 60 days before your policy expires. Conveniently review, edit, and renew your coverage on your account dashboard.
Can I transfer my coverage to someone else?

No. OpenTrack policies are non-transferrable.

Does OpenTrack offer coverage for storage/transit/paddock/theft?

Yes, off-track coverage is available through our limited transport paddock product, which covers theft. Please email us for a quote.


Professional-grade driver coaching resources.
What can I expect from Drive Better?
Annual members receive exclusive access to on-demand coaching content, members-only webinars, and custom track guides designed to make them better, faster, and safer drivers. All at no additional charge.
How does Drive Better work?
Your custom member dashboard will guide you through our driver coaching curriculum. No matter your experience level, our tailored coaching content will help you make the most out of your next track day event.
How much does Drive Better cost?
Nothing! Our Drive Better program is free for annual members.


Simple, straightforward billing.
What are my payment options?

Annual members can choose to pay in full or make monthly payments toward their policy. Members who pay in full save 50% on their deductible. Payments can be made via credit card, debit card, or ACH.

How do I cancel my policy?
Annual Policies
OpenTrack’s annual policies are fully earned at inception. Midterm cancellations will not result in prorated refunds. If you are on our monthly payment plan, you are responsible for paying the remainder of your 12 month term.

On-Demand Policies
OpenTrack’s on-demand policies are non-refundable. However, they may be moved to a different date. This must be done prior to 12:01 am on the day of policy inception. You can move your policy to another date (up to 30 days ahead of your policy’s effective date) by logging into your account and selecting “Request Change” from your policy page.

If your event was cancelled the morning of, you can request to have your policy moved to a different date by emailing a letter from the event organizer showing the event never took place to
What happens if I stop paying my monthly premium?

Our monthly payment plan requires an annual commitment. Failure to make monthly payments will result in the early termination of your policy. You may also be ineligible to secure future coverage from OpenTrack.


Easily file a new claim backed by our pain-free white glove claim service.
How do I file a claim?
Claims are filed directly through our claims portal. If you need immediate assistance from a human, contact Jerod Blakestad at or (612) 231-1522. You will need a copy of the incident report, pictures of the damage, and an estimate for repairs (if applicable).
What do I need to file a claim?

You will need a copy of the incident report, pictures of the damage, and an estimate for repairs. Do not let the body shop start repairs until authorized by our claims representatives.

Do I need to use a specific body shop for repairs?
Repairs can be performed at your preferred shop. Our claims team will work with them directly to get you back on track ASAP. Do not let the shop start repairs until authorized by our claims representatives
Can I still access coverage after a claim?

Accidents happen. Unlike other track insurance providers, we will still insure you after you submit a claim. You will see a couple of policy changes following your first claim:


—Vehicle deductible increases to 15%
—10% surcharge added to the base premium


The changes above remain for two years. If you have a second claim with OpenTrack you will no longer be eligible for coverage.


Are there age requirements?
Drivers must be 25 or older to secure coverage.
How is vehicle value determined?

OpenTrack drivers self-select coverage at their vehicles' stated value. We ask that you value each of your vehicles as close to replacement cost as possible. Your accuracy will keep you protected at the most affordable rates possible and help us avoid future rate increases.

Will you insure a vehicle with a salvaged title?
No. We cannot offer coverage for salvaged title cars.
I still have questions. How can I find answers?
Use our online chat function, email us at, or call us at 612-231-1522. 


The insurance world is full of case-by-case scenarios, and we’re here to help. If you have a question about your coverage, the claims process, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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